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The world every once in a while opens up it’s heart from the rigid constraints of the typical man and lets a complete freak of nature sneak it’s way into it’s scene and into our history books. This was the case the day Aaron Reed was born. Reed has made a career out of making the impossible possible on a wakeskate. The list of maneuvers Reed was able to stick first reads like a modern riders contest pass. With video parts that yearly shake the industry down to its core Reed has become not only an industry favorite but also a fan favorite several times becoming the Readers Poll champion. Being a complete patriot Reed has been bestowed the nickname “Freedom” by friends, a name that only he could serve justice to.


His massive tradmark wake to wake airs uncage a bird within all of us and make us want to follow the same free line as Reed. From the shaping of the sport in the Cassette days to Reeds newest endeavor Obscura Wakeskates, the guy has seen it all and doesn’t plan on going anywhere soon. Having  1/8 of Delaware Cherakee  in his blood you can expect this Indian to keep scalping trends  and reinventing the sport of wakeskating for years to come.

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