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The word “legend” is pretty to easy to throw around in the world of alternative sports these days as so many talented athletes are forever testing themselves and taking their chosen sport into uncharted and often unforgiving territory. However, there’s can’t be any denying whatsoever that Dave Mirra is, well, a legend. The winner of 21 X Games medals in BMX Vert Ramp and Skatepark, Mirra — one of the 10 most recognizable names in ALL of sports! (Read: Guys like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan) — has won virtually everything there is to win in alternative sports — be it medals, competitions or awards.


While the Monster Energy-powered superhero is a household name in these here United States of America — his Triple-tailwhip 360s and 1080s, box-jump double flips and frontflip tailwhips — all things of human pored beauty, Mirra has taken up a new form of competition, this involving horsepower, gasoline and a steering wheel. In 2007 Mirra took an interest in the European-born sport of rally racing. The ultimate test of swervedriving man and machine, rally racers career along radically different types of roads and conditions in an effort to beat the clock and the competition. In 2009, Mirra will drive the #40 Monster Energy-motivated Subaru WRX STI in the Rally America National Championship.

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