Jason Webb

South AfricaSouth Africa
A young and brave hearted, stupid minded 18-year-old hoonigan. I find myself outdoors mostly all the time, I enjoy being free and doing what I want when I want. Everything I do, I do with all my heart and all my soul! I’m one guy that’s aiming to go dominate the drifting world with my skills. I will do anything to be up top of the world, drifting alongside some of the greatest drifters and beating them. That’s my aim and I will get there one day! When I’m not drifting I’m working on the new drift project we are busy building! The drifting world will be amazed with what we have coming!

Why I Love Monster Energy: When I was much younger I used to watch all forms of Motorsport and always see these athletes with the huge trucks and their cars all pimped out hanging with the Monster chicks. And I used to be like damn I want that! And now I got that, and to be a part of a family which is Monster Energy is awesome! All the Passion, Cheering, Motivation that I get from the Monster boys is amazing! And that’s why I can do what I’m doing, because they are willing me on to go bigger and that’s what I’m doing! Monster Army for life!
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