Mathias Haas


Mathias Haas is racing downhill since the year 2000. He´s travelling from race to race, from national to european races and worldcups. In the season 2011 he upgraded himself back to the top of the Austrian riders and finally, after 3 years of injuries, without any traumata!

He loves to ride and race, and he never gives up. As soon as the clock starts ticking and Mathias starts the race, he is in his element and tries to push himself to the limits and a little further.


The steeper the slope, the better for Mathias. He hates pedaling at a track, he prefers technical tracks with plenty of gaps and big jumps, like Champery in Switzerland or Schladming in Austria.


Most significant about Mathias is that he is always smiling. He is one of the best mechanics for bikes and cars and a very important part of the Austrian team.

If he is not riding and training on his downhill bike, he loves to ride motox and minix or to race with his rallye car. Seems like it must be something with wheels to make Mathias happy.

His best results:
3 times Austrian Champion 
17. place @ the Worldcup in Champery

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