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Twistzz talks IEM Dallas: the difference an NA crowd makes, team chemistry, and expectations

“Team Liquid” and “North American Counter-Strike” are two inextricable concepts. Regardless of the lineup, or where the team is currently based, Team Liquid’s identity will always be thoroughly North American.

2024-05-24T07:00:00Z --
Action / Surf
A Monster Energy preview of the 2024 Shiseido Tahiti Pro

Teahupo’o is an other-worldly wave that sits a half mile offshore of Tahiti-Iti — the small peninsula on the southern end of the island.

2024-05-23T07:00:00Z --
Motor / Supercross
Monster Energy’s dirt bikers take ‘er outdoors with the start of the ’24 Pro Motocross Championship

U.S. motocross marks the return of Tomac, Deegan, Kitchen & crew as the series’ opening start gate’s set to drop this Saturday

2024-05-23T07:00:00Z --
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