Emilio Epstein


"You should start skiing before you can start snowboarding" - that´s a stupid saying in Austria and to Emilio´s mind quite old-fashioned. Exactly this is what his parents told him, before he was allowed to start snowboarding and found his addiction to all different kinds of board-sports. In the beginning there was only one thing in winter and one thing in summer - snowboarding and skateboarding.

After a bad injury and too many years of "just skateboarding" Emilio tried cable wakeboarding in summer 2006. Immediately he got a new boardsport that made him feel high again. From that moment on - wakeboarding is pretty his world. "In my opinion wakeboarding is the best thing ever and quite comfortable because I like the good weather, the water which feels like powder and of course the good looking girls who are watching me from the side in their nice bikinis. Isn´t it perfect?", so Emilio.

If the weather isn´t as nice as you want it for wakeboarding, Emilio is still happy to jump on his skateboard or on his snowboard... Whatever - he just loves to ride!!

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