Since 2005 Mephistosystem have regularly undergone line-up changes,
with the only constant being frontman and producer Abele Franzé.
Their albums "Endless Crawl" (2006) and "Construction Site" (2010)
triggered the start of the incurable euphoria infection, which
manifested itself in the form of a string of gigs in Germany,
Switzerland and Italy, supporting, amongst others, scene heavyweights

During their travels they have amassed an armada of fans
from right across the globe.
Since early 2012 Dan Baumann (Bass), Chris Schiavone (Drums) and Pat
(Guitar) have been orbiting in the gravitational field of
producer Abele Franzé as equal band members.
Whereas everything up until the album "Move the Clouds" (2011) had
been single-handedly produced by Abele, the new songs are a product of
the band as a whole.
The musicians in Mephistosystem are no longer just “Live performers”
but now an active and creative counterpoint to the mastermind Abele.

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