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Lonnie Kauk is a mountain man in the truest sense. When’s he’s not charging the Tahoe backcountry on his snowboard, he’s on the hunt for pro-level rockclimbing challenges in California’s climbing mecca of Yosemite Valley, the place Lonnie has called home since childhood. And the mountains of this region are literally in his blood—he’s a direct descendant of Chief Tenaya, the Last Great Chief and Ahwahneechee tribe leader when Yosemite was discovered in 1850. This heritage is a source of pride and power for Lonnie, and he continues to give back to the Native community through a variety of outreach efforts. Through nonstop shredding in the massive parks of Mammoth, across the Eastern Sierras and around the world, Lonnie has evolved into one of the most focused and capable backcountry jumpers in snowboarding. For the past several years he’s produced progressive film segments with Standard Films and a variety of other video projects. As one of the sport’s most fearless when it comes to big flights, Lonnie is among the rare few willing and able to confidently step to 100-foot-plus jumps. It’s made him an annual standout at Snowboarder Magazine’s SuperPark and a highlight in videos like Standard’s TB20, where he goes absolutely huge without ever sacrificing style.

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