Name: Crisix

Meaning of the name: At first the name was a tribute to the Crysis videogame. Later on for legal problems with the videogame we had to change it to Crisix.


Juli Baz (Igualada 25.06.1986) Vocals

Javi Carrión (Igualada 28.12.1989) Drums

Marc Torras (Igualada 04.03.1989) Bass

Albert Requena (Barcelona 19.04.1991) Guitar

Marc ‘Busi’ Busqué (Igualada 07.09.1991) Guitar

Origen: Conca d’Òdena (Barcelona)

Must know about the band: Crisix was formed in early 2008 under the name of Crysys. The founding members are Javi and Marc and since the other components, remaining faithful.

In just a year and a half Crisix managed to win the "Wacken Metal Battle" held at the same festival and become a major name in the Spanish thrash metal scene.

Albums: The Menace (Kaiowas Records, September 2011)

Record Label: Kaiowas Records

Style/s: Ultra trash

Influences: Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll, Death Metal, etc.


Crisix began in February 2008 under the name of Crysys. The band formed by Javier Carrion and Marc Torras (ex-members of Shadon). To search for other components, they turned to their colleagues of other local bands, that is how Marc (ex-Helltears guitar) came along and also Albert Requena (ex-Face guitar). The first singer of the band could not attend to the concerts and decided to replace him with Julian Baz (bass of Bourbon Society). The group realized that Juli´s voice was better for the style that the band was looking for and decided to propose him to join as the main singer and so they did.

After winning the national competition, Martohell Metal Rumble 2008, the band decided to record their first single "Dead by the fistful of violence" in summer 2008 in Akord´s Studio in Igualada, to include it in the compilation Spain Kills by the Xtreem Music label.

In December of that same year they recorded two songs "Internal Pollution" and "Mummified by society", also recorded in Akord´s Studio in order to have their first demo "Demonsthrashion" so they could be at the W:O:A Metal Battle Spain 2009 contest. Having won the Spanish semi finals, the band travelled to Germany in 2009 to the international final. They competed against 19 other bands from around the world and won by the majority vote from the jury.

Thanks to that victory they won a record deal with Wacken Records to record their first album "The Menace" at the Stage One Studio in Germany with worldwide distribution, endorsements with brands like Washburn and Eden, a European tour and so on.

In early 2010 the band was working with Waldemar Sorychta (Sodom, Lacuna Coil, Moonspell, Tristania, Samael) to pre-produce the album, but weeks later the label informed the band that they could not continue with the album along with the promotion, so production had to stop and record the album on it´s own in November 2010 "Axtudio" of Barcelona. After two months of hard work the band travelled to Germany in February to mix and master the album in the Stage One Studio with Andy Classen.

A few months before releasing their first album, the multinational Sony told them they could no longer continue with their first name Crysys due to legal problems with the videogame Crysis. Seeing the situation, the band was forced to change its name to Crisix.

On Friday 13th of May 2011 the band met with Kaiowas Records to sign their first record.

September 26th, Crisix released their first album "The Menace" (Kaiowas Records) and is about to make a tour to promote "Kaiowas Tour (Presented By Monster)" which will travel across the country, dumping the energy of their live album.

Today the band has travelled throughout the Spanish territory, has shared the stage with bands like Angelus Apatrida, Onslaught, Dark Tranquillity, Legion of the damned, Artillery, Necrodeath, Bonded by blood, Gama Bomb, Fueled by fire, Lazarus A.D., Evil Dead ... and have performed at major festivals like Wacken Open Air 2009/2010 (Germany) and SWR Barroselas Metal Fest 2010 (Portugal).



Likes? Music! Going to the cinema, extreme sports, beer, vodka and whisky, fast food, concerts and party wild.

Dislikes? Music overrated that is imposed on society, politics, prejudice among many other things.

Believes in… Friendship, partnership, honesty and family.

Why monster? In addition to extreme sports, Monster energy drink is the first that focuses on extreme music. Besides the flavour and the discharge of energy that you get, during and after concerts, is simply the best!

Best Monster moment? All those moments we’ve been in the van with a Monster in hand and music blasting at 62 and of course our visits to Rockzone that always receives us with a good cool Monster Energy can.

Favourite Monster flavour? Without a doubt, green Monster, always!!

Sports? BMX, skate and some of us pop in to the gym now and then when the bed let´s us go.

Tattoos? Javi Metallica has 6 tattoos witch the meaning is more than obvious, a treble clef and the initials of his parents and brother.

Busi has Jimi Hendrix on his arm and the initials of A.S.F.H. (followers of Crisix and name that corresponds to the intro of the album).

Juli has Eddie from Iron Maiden and the four faces of Kiss in a Monster way.

Mark, a fan of Horror Movies has IT, Freddy Krueger and Predator.

Best track: Damage Inc., Deja vu, Girls got the rhythm.

Best live song? Ultra Thrash and The Last Monkey, the last one is kind of rock n´ roll and live we have a blast playing it.

What should your fans/readers know about you? Normal people, humble, hard workers and we like to talk about women and shit (literally).

What is essential in your suitcase when you go traveling/tour? A lot of cigarettes, mobile phone and their chargers, hair softener, underwear and condoms that always come back home LOL

Favourite gadget? Laptop

Anecdote? Undoubtedly the most emotional stories of our lives was in Wacken. in 2009. It was the happiness that invaded us 5 at the moment that we where declared the winner of the W:O:A Metal Battle worldwide. And in 2010 was a total honour to play around 10 at night listening and watching Iron Maiden from backstage, the added surprise was the crowed when we played on the Wet Stage despite the amazing concert of the Maiden.

Strengths and weaknesses? We think it may be a strength and a weakness as we are so stubborn.

What or who motivates you/Who inspires you? Just music.

What is the most crazy thing you have done? Making Crisix T-shits that cost us €14 to selling them at €10. Bastards!

List of results in competitions or must know:

W:O:A Metal Battle 2009 (1st position)

Century Media Support Tour w/ Dark Tranquillity in Bilbao (1st position)

Martohell Metal Rumble 2008 (1st position)



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