Fernando Laczko


Likes? Ride my bike, play my guitare a bit, go out with my friends and go to the beach.

Dislikes? For now I don´t like the gossip, the rollers nor the  fights.

Believes in… Destiny

Why monster? Because the riders of the Monster team are my idols, because Monster is a company that moves around a lot, suports Bmx and the drink is great.

Favorite Monster flavor? I have many to taste yet, but the original is great!

Sports? BMX and jump the buoy of the beach.

Tattoos? Wow, I haven´t had any done yet but I always thought that the first one I will get done will be my mothers name as it´s a tattoo that "I will never regret".

Best track… Yeasayer - 2080

Best live song? Without a doubt led zeppelin - stairway to heaven

What’s essential in your suitcase when you go travelling/tour? clothing: bike, helmet, ipod, mobile and finger bike for those boaring hours at the airports, train stations, etc.

Strengths and weaknesses? Strenghts, if I want something I get it and weakness I´m a bit forgetful.

What or who motivates you/Who inspires you? All the pro´s I see on the videos, championships, etc. They inspire and motivate me. Also music does! :)

What is the most crazy thing you’ve done? Well the first trips that I use to do with my brother and with my mother we use to walk for ages to look for skate parks o championship that if I tell someone they would´nt belive me, as we never had a car. Alltho I must say it was great fun!


Mini Bio:

My name is Fernando Laczko, I´m 16 years old, I´m half german and half check but I´ve been living some time in Malaga now. I´ve been riding BMX 5 years now every day and it´s what I like to do. I hope I can keep riding for a long time.


List of results in competitions or must know:

4th in master (mini rampa) at fise.

2nd in pro Arnette championship in Fuengirola.

4th in pro of Barcelona xtreme 2011.

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