Noah Albaladejo


Likes? My girlfriend, the snow, the sea, rice with tomato and egg, hip hop , reggae, Notorious BIG, my family, my brothers from other mothers.
Dislikes? sushi, heavy metal and queues.
Believes in? Myself
Why monster? simply the best
Best Monster moment? Skiing chill break
Favorite Monster flavor? Original
Sports? Climbing, tramp.
Tattoos? XX, me and her
Best track? The Notorious Big - Hypnotize.
Best live song? Method Man & Redman - How high part2
Whats essential in your suitcase when you go traveling/tour? iPod and camera
Favorite gadget? Shoe laces as braces
Strengths and weaknesses? Perfectionist, obsesive
What or who motivates you/Who inspires you? Dane Tudor, snowboard.
What is the most crazy thing you´ve done? Pay $80 for a round
Mini Bio

Noah Albaladejo, 18, none of this would be possible thanks to Leo Tarrat...
List of results in competitions or must know: Video part in Weight by Stept Productions.

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