Matt Mingay


At the age of 22 whilst Matt was completing his motorcycle mechanic’s apprenticeship Matt entered and won a Road bike stunt competition. From there Matt was hired to perform a couple of stunt shows and within 12 months Matt threw the towel in at his Mechanics job and in 1998 Matt became one of few fulltime professional Stuntriders in the world.

Matt was being hired to perform at prestigious events such as the Motorcycle Grand prix, Formula 1, World Superbikes and V8 Supercars just to name a few.

In 2000 Matt was hired to become Tom Cruise’s Stunt double in the Blockbuster film Mission Impossible 2, from there his calendar became jam packed with everybody wanting a piece of Matt’s skills and jaw dropping entertainment.

Matt was featured on the front cover of major Motorcycle magazines, mainstream magazines such as Ralph Mens mags, FHM, Zoo, Picture, People, Dvds, Tv shows, websites and news stories


In 2002 Matt and his team became sponsored by Holden and included stunt driving and drifting as part of their action sports entertainment package. Driving V8 SS Utilities and Stuntriding high powered street bikes became a weekly event and soon Matt Mingay became a well recognised name within the motorsport industry and became the biggest ambassador for the sport of Stuntriding in the process.


Due to such high demand Matt began his own company Stuntz Inc where he made his own team of riders and drivers to spread around the country when he was not available. Stuntz Inc also created a successful clothing label and became the most sold Australian Stuntbike DVD to date.


Matt was the first person in the Australia to obtain factory Sponsorship from a Motorcycle manufacturer and the only person to be recognised by governing body ‘Motorcycling Australia’ as a Professional Stuntrider.


Matt is one of few people in the world who stuntrides a Harley Davidson instead of the usual small capacity Japanese sportsbikes with great success.


Since the start Matt has broken many World records, performed stunts in many movies, commercials and Bollywood films. Matt travels the world performing bike and car stunts and caught the eye of many high profile sponsors such as Monster Energy drink, Hitachi, Holden(GM), Harley Davidson, Etnies Shoes, Shoei, Dunlop, Jetpilot,

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