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Portraits & Action Shots for Launch Interview with Felix Prangenberg

Meet Felix Prangenberg

Apr 052021

We teamed up with our newest addition to the Monster Energy Family: Welcome Felix as our new BMX rider! Find out who he is and what motivates him, how he survived months of lockdowns (all the while staying sane), and how on earth he managed to make his Grandma cry... (don't worry, she got over it).

Oh yeah, and of course he has an ultimate life goal that most of us wouldn't dream of.
What's more: don't forget to check out his latest edits at the end of the interview!

“They don’t see that you’re out all day, battling with yourself to ride this and that setup, maybe eat crap a couple of times and then do it all over again. ”


Hey Felix, nice to have you on board! Can you introduce yourself to the Monster Community?

Hey! My name is Felix Prangenberg, I’m 22 years old, live in Cologne, Germany and I’ve been riding BMX since about 16/17 years.

Was BMX your first love? And how did you end up as a pro?

I guess riding bikes, in general, was my first love. I was never really into other sports. I first rode a bicycle when I was about 2 1/2 years old. Started racing mountain bikes when I was about 6 and also got my first BMX bike around this time. There was no more turning back from there. All I wanted was to ride my bike. I have the most supportive parents I could’ve ever ask for and I’ve always had endless love and motivation for BMX. Just like every kid, I was dreaming about being a pro rider at some point but that always seemed so far away from being an actual option. So I guess I always knew where I wanted to be with riding, always enjoyed every second on my bike and at some point, I realized that being a pro BMX rider could eventually be an option for me.

We are happy to welcome you to the Monster Family! Are you excited, and what does this mean for you?

Of course I’m excited! I’m super thankful to be given this opportunity. It’s always been a big thing to me to ride for a brand like Monster Energy, it’s one of the biggest things to achieve in action sports. It really fuels my motivation being able to work on more cool projects with cool people. So yeah, this really means a lot to me!

How do you spend your time these days as everything is pretty much locked down, and how do you keep yourself trained on this beast level? How do you stay sane?

I’ve actually been riding a lot during lockdown, but always practicing safety and following the regulations to make sure there is no risk to others and myself. As soon as it’s starting to dry up you can find me outside riding. On the days where it was super cold and rainy over the past few months, I went to a car park to get to ride a little. Other than that I always try to eat as healthy as possible, do my daily stretching and try to keep myself busy with other stuff. Just trying to be productive and creative in whatever way I can keeps me sane.

What are you looking forward to once the pandemic is over? 2020 was a hard year for everyone. What are you proud of? Was there anything that challenged you?

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing all my friends that live in other countries again. I haven’t seen most of them in over a year now. I’m happy that I got to spend a lot of time with my girlfriend, family, and friends over the past year. That I had time to dive deeper into other things that I’ve always been interested in. Even though I got to spend more time with certain friends it’s been challenging to be more distanced from others. Just like not being able to hug when you get to see each other, not being able to hang out together with more than one or two friends at a time. I just miss all these small moments.

What is your favorite trick and what is the most recent one you learned?

Honestly, I don’t know what my favorite trick is haha. There are just too many that I like doing. I’m always stoked on riding but I guess every trick that I do for the first time is my favorite trick in this very moment. And I don’t really know which trick I’ve learned most recent. Most tricks kinda come natural while you’re out riding or trying to film something.

Do you have special goals for 2021? And what inspires you to keep going?

Stay happy & healthy and film the best video part I’ve filmed so far. There is just this constant drive in me when it comes to riding and progressing. I have the urge to always keep working on myself and working on new things.

Most people only see the sweet part in being a sponsored rider. What do you think about the flipside of rider responsibilities coming your way?

People only see that you get to travel, have fun, get free parts, and paid for what you love. They never see all the hours, days, and years of hard work that you’ve actually put into it to be where you are. Of course, it doesn’t really feel like work to you because you’re actually having the best time while putting in the work which makes it all come more natural. 

A filming trip can be super exhausting physically and mentally and people only see that you get to be somewhere nice so they associate it with you being on vacation. They don’t see that you’re out all day, battling with yourself to ride this and that setup, maybe eat crap a couple of times and then do it all over again. But still, we are having the best time ever while our whole body hurts from the day before. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with it. Just like how you present yourself as a person. It’s always a give and take between the rider and sponsor. A lot of people think you’ve made it when you got a sponsor and you don’t have to do anything anymore. Everything is just given to you. But the reality is that when you have a sponsor you have to keep them happy, keep delivering and keep working for it! 

 I think there is a lot more to being a sponsored rider than just being good on a bike.

Is there anyone from the Monster Energy Family that you admire & would be stoked to start a project with?

That’s a hard one! There are just too many in all kinds of sports. When it comes to BMX, I’d love to go on a filming trip with all of the BMX Street dudes!

The Instagram-BMX scene is on fire – What's your secret to having sick content for your account? What is the key to good BMX content?

On a day where I’m not out filming for a new video part I just try to get something quick for Instagram. On a day where I am trying to get a real clip I usually just film something easier for Instagram while warming up before we start trying to film the actual clip. It’s just Instagram. Even though it’s important in this day and age to keep the people happy on there if you are a sponsored rider, putting out a good video part is the most important thing to most of us. 

It’s important to separate between filming a clip for Instagram and filming a clip for your next video part. You just wanna save the better and bigger tricks for your next part and don’t blow them out on Instagram where they gonna get some hours of shine before everyone forgets about them. It’s just the most rewarding feeling when you worked months/years on a part that you’re truly happy with.

BMX aside: Do you have other passions? Maybe something, not many people know about?

I guess just creating in whatever possible way. I love shooting analog photos, drawing, printing new ideas on all kinds of stuff, filming and editing BMX videos (I guess it’s always somehow connected with BMX)...

As we can see, you are passionate about tattoos. Are there any crazy/funny stories about them?

Yeah, I guess it’s pretty obvious haha. There aren’t really any crazy stories about them. I got some on road trips, most of them are from artists here back home or from the UK. I’ve always wanted to be completely covered in tattoos and I guess I’m pretty much an „all or nothing“ kind of person. So when I started getting tattooed just a couple of months before turning 18, I got about 5 tattoos in the first month. It’s definitely pretty addictive and after a while, you only see the gaps that need to be filled. 

Oh, and my grandma started crying when I got my hands tattooed. Sorry grandma!

Last one: Do you have an ultimate life goal?

To ride my kids bike for as long as I can. Never work a job that I’m not happy with like most people do.

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Well, that's it for now! Stay tuned for more Content from Felix in 2021!