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Nate Thrasher Captures Dallas ESX 250 Triple Crown Victory

Published On:: 27/02/2023

Thrasher tops teammate Jordan Smith in thrilling Triple Crown race at the home of the Dallas Cowboys; Sexton’s 2nd on 450s, Tomac holds 450 point lead.

The Monster Energy-backed stars of supercross shone brightly in Texas on Saturday night, with a big victory in the 250 ESX class to go with podiums galore as Monster Energy AMA Supercross made its stop at the home of the Dallas Cowboys – AT&T Stadium.


Starting with the 250 class, Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Nate Thrasher made up for last week’s (Oakland, Calif.) near miss in the overall race win department, putting up a consistent 2nd/2nd/3rd finish in the Triple Crown format at Dallas, and topping 2nd place Jordan Smith (Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha) for the overall event victory.


Monster Energy’s Haiden Deegan (Star Racing/Yamaha) and Chance Hymas (Honda) rounded out the top ten in 250 ESX scoring at Dallas, going 8th & 10th, respectively.


In the premier 450 class, Monster Energy was led by Chase Sexton (Honda) and overall 450 series point leader, Eli Tomac (Star Racing/Yamaha). Sexton rode three strong motos in the slippery Dallas conditions, but was the victim of being “In the wrong place at the wrong time,” according to NBC race announcer Ricky Carmichael, as an out-of-control lapper would force Sexton to check up, allowing Cooper Webb (KTM) to sneak by and to the checkers. Sexton would take 2nd, with an 8–8 points tie with Webb – the final moto tiebreaker win would give Webb the overall 450 class victory. Tomac, who left Dallas still holding the overall point lead, would overcome a couple mistakes to join Sexton on the podium in 3rd.


Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Jason Anderson, the day’s fastest qualifier at Dallas, would win the second (of three) Triple Crown main event motos, and place 4th in the contest. Justin Cooper (Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha) would place 9th, and Justin Hill (Monster Energy/Tedder Racing) would make his first top ten appearance of the season in the 450 class, placing a respectable 10th.


Also, atop the victor’s stand at Dallas was Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Daxton Bennick, who took 1st place in the Supercross Futures competition at Dallas. Bennick also won the Supercross Futures at Anaheim earlier in the season.


Dallas 450 class results                                                250 ESX class results

2nd - Sexton (Monster/Honda)                                       1st - Thrasher (Monster/Star/Yamaha)

3rd - Tomac (Monster/Star/Yamaha)                              2nd - Smith (Monster/Star/Yamaha)

4th - Anderson (Monster/Kawasaki)                              8th - Deegan (Monster/Star/Yamaha)


Overall Standings

450 class                                                                        250 ESX class

1st - Tomac, 160 points                                                  3rd - Thrasher, 57 points

3rd - Sexton, 155 points                                                 4th - Deegan, 53 points

4th - Anderson, 130 points                                             6th - Smith, 52 points



Race 1 - Tomac pulled the holeshot and was out confident. Sexton was looking to make a run at Tomac, but was held up in a corner by Justin Barcia (Gas Gas).  The Honda rider would gather himself and returned the favor to Barcia, passing him (cleanly) later in the race. Tomac’s longtime rival Ken Roczen (Suzuki) would show the race leader a front tire now and then, but Tomac would always have a response – and won the opening race by going start gate-to-checkers.


Race 2 – Anderson, who crashed in Race 1 and placed 8th, pulled the Race 2 holeshot, but gave up the lead to Webb on the outside. Determined, Anderson chased – and passed – Webb for the lead and eventual moto win. Soon after Anderson’s pass on Webb, Sexton would get around Tomac cleanly for 3rd, setting up the third and deciding race.


Race 3 - Tomac would pull the holeshot over Sexton for the early race lead. Pursuing Tomac hard for the lead, Sexton would come in hot to a flat, right-hand turn and put his CRF450R on the ground. Following’s Sexton’s crash, Tomac would have a similar mistake coming into a corner, and went from 1st to 4th – just like that. Near the race’s end carnage would ensue with a couple lapped racers, and Sexton, who was leading, would get briefly caught up and slowed – which allowed Webb to sneak by for the moto win, and the overall.


250 ESX

Race 1 - ESX point leader Hunter Lawrence (Honda) would win the opening 250 race, with Thrasher running well on his part – and staying clear of trouble for 2nd, while teammate Smith finished just off the opening moto podium in 4th. Deegan was running well and looked to be keeping pace with the leaders, when a miscue in the whoop section (albeit with a great save) knocked him back to 15th.


Race 2 – Smith grabbed a powerful holeshot vs. Deegan, and took the early race lead. The entire Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha 250 program was hauling in Dallas, with Smith leading and Thrasher, with a good move through the whoop section to block then 2nd place Lawrence, moving Lawrence back to 4th. As Smith checked out for the win, Lawrence caught back up to Thrasher, but then went down after bumping into Thrasher’s rear tire off the over/under bridge. Thrasher grabbed 2nd behind Smith, as Deegan placed 5th. 


Race 3 - With the stage set for the overall (Thrasher & Lawrence tied in points), more big starts from the Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha team out front of Lawrence saw the 250 ESX point leader go down in the first turn. Thrasher would come out with the race lead, followed by Smith in 3rd and Deegan in 5th. On Lap 8 (of 13), Michael Mosiman (Gas Gas) would crash in the tunnel – and collect Smith. Thrasher would then wad up in the whoops on the last lap, but was able to recover and place 3rd – giving him the overall Dallas Triple Crown victory. Smith would charge back, overcome a second crash, and placed 3rd, giving him 2nd overall.

Notes & Quotes


“I thought my speed elevated from practice, which is good. Didn’t qualify fastest, so I had a little more motivation,” said Sexton.


Bummer for Monster Energy/Kawasaki’s Adam Cianciarulo who tweaked his wrist while riding practice laps on Monster Energy AMA Supercross’ press day at Dallas.


“That was a good dismount. He barely leaned it over, got caught up on the Tuff Block,” said Carmichael on Deegan’s whoop section crash.


Again, big props to Monster Energy’s Justin Hill (Team Tedder), who broke into the top ten in the 450 class standings this week. Hill, and brother Josh (also Monster Energy/Team Tedder), continue to improve each and every outing.


“I just didn’t want any part of the inside. The way I felt it squeeze in the practice start … felt like there was a little bit of risk over there,” said Tomac regarding his start strategies on the evening.


“I changed suspension between those (Anaheim and Dallas), that helped a lot. Then obviously I got a lot better as well,” said Bennick on his continued improvement racing SX Futures.


“I would say there’s not much during the week. But it’s been good. Just putting in our laps the best we can. Sucks it happened (knee), but we’ll be good. No excuses. Everybody’s dealing with something,” said Thrasher, regarding the physical pain of racing supercross.


Another Monster Energy/Star Racing/Yamaha racer that’s banged up, Dylan Ferrandis, was on the sidelines for Dallas – but will possibly be back for Daytona (March 4th).


“Overall, I felt really solid in all three main events. … Lapped traffic didn’t help, but everybody has to deal with that. I’ve got to be better in reading those guys,” said Sexton.


“It’s good. Last 4-5 years have been tough on me. So to get a win today was great. Taken an entire team to get me back here, and I’m real thankful to be back on the podium – and racing a dirt bike,” said Smith.