Rebirth Island is Back: Here are the Best Places to Land on the New Warzone Resurgence Map

Published On: 4/5/2024

Learn what's new in Warzone Season 3. Optimize your strategy with the best places to land and the strongest loadouts to run on Rebirth Island.

Call of Duty®: Warzone™ Season 3 is bringing the fire with the return of Rebirth Island. The beloved map is back, and from loadouts to hot drops, we have the key information you need to start racking up wins from day one. Don’t just take our word for it, either! We consulted the Warzone professionals at Monster Energy, Aydan “Aydan” Conrad, Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas and Tyler “TeeP” Polchow to make sure our recommendations were on point.

While rushing right into a match might feel thematically appropriate, a few things have changed since we last visited the island. So, even if you’re a Resurgence veteran, there’s still plenty to learn before getting into the action.


What’s new on Rebirth Island?

First things first, don’t get too comfortable landing at the same spot every match.

There are a handful of new routes to take to access your favorite POIs, as Beenox Studios reworked Rebirth Island’s entire shoreline. Underground tunnels give players more freedom to make it around the map without exposing themselves to the chaos above. Be sure to explore the new areas thoroughly. Knowing which routes are safe and which are metaphorically barbecue chicken could make all the difference.

Don’t forget about the brand-new Biometric Scanners either. These ten new stations will allow players to scan a variety of ID Cards for a daily reward. Snag a card, take it to the Scanner to determine its rarity, and head to a Buy Station to claim your new swag. Easy as pie.

If that’s not enough to sweeten the pot, there’s also a spicy new challenge, but be warned — it’s an absolute doozy. The famed Champion’s Quest (a.k.a. the Nuke challenge) has finally arrived in Resurgence. As always, you’ll have to win five matches in a row to unlock the Champion’s Quest contract. This isn’t for the faint of heart, so crack open up your favorite Monster Energy flavor and settle in for an absolute grind if you want to check it off your list.

Once you get used to the changes, you’ll be in for a good time. The map is a fan-favorite for a reason and Aydan, TeeP, and HusKerrs all have good things to say about the changes. “I think they did a great job of updating the map,” TeeP tells us, “it is very appealing to look at and the changes they made to some of the POI's and surrounding areas play well! ”


Best Places to Drop on Rebirth Island

Aydan and TeeP agree Prison is the best place to start if you’re looking for high-octane gameplay. TeeP says that, “if you are trying to get in the extreme mix, you gotta go [for] prison roof.” Aydan agrees, noting that it’s what makes Prison his favorite drop spot. Contesting the roof almost always means you’re in for an explosive, slobber-knocking multi-team fight. Get to a gun fast and keep the pedal down. Even if you clear off the roof, there’s still the interior of the building to contend with, and you can bet other players will be on the hunt after hearing all the racket up top.

The Bioweapons POI is much the same but on a tighter scale. Fewer teams will land here, but it’s still guaranteed to be action-packed due to its tight corridors. Enemies will flood the stairwells, windows, and doors, so keep your gun up and be ready for anything. Taking control of this area sets you up nicely to play opportunist against those on the Prison roof, so it’s worth the risk if you pull it off.

Control Center is another impactful locale but may not be as trafficked as the other two drops. This is the perfect midpoint for teams who like a fast start with flexibility. Winning here means you’ll have gatekeeping power over the Docks and Stronghold, meaning any team trying to move inward on the map from those POIs will have to brave your hail of bullets to make the rotation.

If you want to really channel the pro style and excel later on, drop at a low-action POI and rush to complete a Contract. Both TeeP and Aydan recommend the approach of focusing on completing a Contract first. Big cash payouts lead to early advantages and nuclear gameplay. TeeP sums it up well: “For most, doing a quick contract and buying a loadout is the smarter play to drop big kills.”

HusKerrs recommends Ranked players take advantage of the new Spy Drone option for a super easy way to elevate their early game. “[Spy Drone] is a quick contract a team can knock out to get a loady early on, so [it’s] especially good in Ranked.” 


Best Loadout Strategy For Rebirth Island

Choosing a place to land won’t be very important if you can’t stay alive on the ground. Taking the right equipment into battle is crucial for winning matches. Remember, Rebirth is more compact than Urzikstan, so your loadout should reflect the difference.

Your preferred playstyle will inform every decision you make. Whether you like to sit back and pick people off at a distance, Tactical Sprint directly at the enemy, or play the middle ground somewhere in between, running into the right team while holding the wrong gun only ends one way.

Aydan, HusKerrs, and TeeP all recommend pairing the SOA Subverter battle rifle with the lightning-fast Aftermarket Renetti sidearm. It’s a unique blend of speed, range, and power you can’t get from any other setup. So it’s a safe and solid option to run in almost any match, with almost any drop point or POI.

If long-range fighting is more your thing, you could take HusKerrs’ advice and brawl for control of the lighthouse. It’s the most protected option and maintains a line of sight over the island. The KATT-AMR pairs well with the strategy, letting you take shots at the ant-sized players below in between fending off cheeky vultures trying to nab the best seat in the house.

TeeP agrees and adds that the top of Prison makes for a good spot and the XRK Stalker makes for a good sniper as well. “Sniping is extremely strong right now too,” TeeP argues, so people camping [at] top Prison with a Stalker or KATT should be fun.”

It’s also worth noting that in addition to playstyle, patches can also reshape how effective a loadout is. Be aware that the meta loadouts might (or might not) change from when this article first released and when Aydan, TeeP, and HusKerrs gave their advice. For reference, we’re working off the April 3rd patch.

Now that you’re caught up, all that’s left is to grab some teammates, get in the game, and take over the lobby. Good luck and happy hunting.