Heat Check - Two Js and DJ Envy Talk the Art of Flexing

Published On: 7/8/2024

Sneakers, cars, and jewelry—the holy trinity of hip-hop opulence.

Sneakers, cars, and jewelry—the holy trinity of hip-hop opulence. Since the 80s, emcees, DJs, and b-boys alike flexed their status as titans of the culture with rope chains, shell-toe Adidas, and 24-inch rims on Cadillac Sevilles. Forty years later, sneaker and car culture have reached new heights, with each contributor to the culture flexing bigger and better than the next. Sneaker community staple Jaysse “Two Js” Lopez and iconic New York radio personality DJ Envy link up to discuss sneakers, cars, and culture while riding clean in Two Js big body Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Every car enthusiast has their automobile love story; DJ Envy’s started in his college days while a student at Hampton University as he witnessed local VA heroes like Pharrell Williams speed through the city in his iconic silver Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR. The car’s sleek silhouette and flashy butterfly doors put a battery in Envy’s back to one day turn his dreams into a reality. 

“When I was going to school out in Virginia, Pharrell would have the SLR McLaren and Ferraris, and I knew that’s what I wanted,” DJ Envy said. Envy’s dedication to chasing his passion led him to land an internship at a local radio station, where he would develop the skills that would carry him to legendary status amongst the hip-hop community. 

“I was a radio rat,” Envy said. “I would sleep in the radio station just so I could see how the morning show was run, to the afternoon show, and the evening show. I wanted to learn the art of radio.” 

Once he found success, Envy’s car infatuation became an insatiable habit. Before he knew it, he was in possession of a multi-million-dollar collection. Then a lightbulb went off — “How can I make money off this habit?” he said. Not long after, Envy would host the first Drive Your Dreams car show in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

“I wanted to create something for the whole family to enjoy. So, we had rides. Rollercoasters, face painting. It’s like a festival for cars,” said DJ Envy. 

Much like the automobile market, the kick game can be an unpredictable one. Sneakerhead veteran Two Js is no stranger to the culture’s ever-changing landscape. Every big risktaker takes the occasional loss. Both Envy and Two Js, who are veterans in their fields, have dealt with their fair share of missteps that cost them thousands of dollars. 

“The car that I owned that I have always regretted selling is the Porsche Carrera GT,” DJ Envy said. “I sold it for $580,000. Four months later, it was worth 1 million dollars.” 

Two Js tells a story of his own on how holding on to sneakers for too long can cost you a fortune. “What I’ve learned through my own personal consumption is that you can’t keep your sneakers for over six years; you have to wear them,” Two Js said. “I had a sneaker that cost $1,000 a decade ago, and now you can find them brand new for about $100.” 

Check out DJ Envy and Two J’s full conversation as they bridge the gap between car culture and fashion on this brand-new episode of Heat Check.