UFC Hall of Famer's Next Opponent Weighs 1,400 Pounds

Published On: 3/19/2024

Cowboy Donald Cerrone was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and never says no to a fight, and now he has called out Twisted Steel.

Cowboy Donald Cerrone was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame largely because of his willingness to fight anyone at any time, so it should come as little surprise to those who know the retired was serious when he offered his latest challenge. 

“What do you guys think,” he said to a sold-out Madison Square Garden during a recent PBR event, “you think I should give Twisted Steel a shot and get on him?” 

The crowd roared with approval. 

PBR in-arena announcer Matt West not sure whether the Monster Energy fighter was playing to the crowd or planning his first post-career fight

“I dead serious,” Cowboy proclaimed. “I’ve never said no to fight, and I think I should give it hell. … Thousand percent, I’m ready.” 

Twisted Steel is not just any random bull, is 32-3 and has recorded an average buck-off time of 3.28 seconds. And that has largely been against the top-ranked bull riders in the world. 

One other notable fact. 

Twisted Steel is owned by longtime UFC president Dana White, who responded to Cowboy’s challenge in a video posted on social media. 

“Cowboy Cerrone called him out and said he wants to ride my bull,” White said. “Now, my bull is a legit badass. The last guy who rode him—professional bull rider—lasted two and a half seconds, so Cowboy Cerrone, I accept your challenge.”

The date will be Saturday, May 18 during the PBR World Finals, in Arlington, Texas, at AT&T Stadium. White will donate $50,000 to charity of Cerrone’s choice for climbing on Twisted Steel, putting his hand in the bull rope, and nodding his head. If he makes the 8-second whistle, White will double the donation to $100,000. 

A year ago this month, the former lightweight was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, but his matchup with Twisted Steel is unlike any of his impressive victories over Jim Miller, Edson Barboza, Charles Oliveira, Eddie Alvarez, or Benson Henderson. 

Twisted Steel weighed in at a rather slim 1,400 pounds during a “take your bull to work day” media stunt in Las Vegas—nearly 10 times the size of Cerrone’s typical opponents.  

That said, Cerrone has regularly been traveling between his home in New Mexico and Texas, where he has been training with legendary bull rider J.B. Mauney, a two-time PBR world champion (2013, 2015) and fellow Monster Energy teammate. 

“I’m excited,” Cerrone said, “so we’ll see.”

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