Giovanni Vianna Takes Second Place in 29th Annual Tampa Pro

Published On: 3/6/2023

Monster Team sweeps the podium for the Cariuma Concrete Jam, Vianna takes third for Independent Best Trick

What a wild weekend! Giovanni Vianna took second place in the 29th annual Tampa Pro street skateboarding competition. In front of a high-energy crowd at Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) and global audiences tuned in via live stream, Vianna put down a perfect run in the closely contested final for second place. Vianna also claimed third place in the Independent Best Trick contest.

In the Cariuma Concrete Jam bowl contest on Saturday, Monster Energy riders swept the entire podium: First place went to Monster Army rider Jake Yanko with Tom Schaar claiming second place and Trey Wood taking third place.


Here’s how Tampa Pro 2023 unfolded for Team Monster Energy:

For Sunday’s Tampa Pro Street final, the crowd inside Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) created the type of pressure cooker atmosphere that makes the contest unique. Rewarding every perfect run and standout trick with roaring applause, the crowd pushed the 12 finalists to put down their best performances.

When all was said and done, the win came down to a close race between two riders: Giovanni Vianna versus Yuto Horigome. Both riders put down a perfect routine in the final session, but ultimately the judges awarded Vianna a strong second-place finish and $5,000 in prize money.

In his best run, Vianna put together a huge gap out to backside lipslide the centerpiece rail, Caballerial backside noseblunt fakie the flat rail, heelflip frontside boardslide down the rail, nollie backside big spin to frontside boardslide fakie the A-frame rail, frontside feeble grind the long rail, fakie nosegrind revert the Hubba ledge, Caballerial frontside noseslide the rail, pop shove-it over the bump gap, and a backside bluntside across the entire centerpiece rail for second place.

Vianna also took a podium spot and prize money in Saturday’s Independent Best Trick competition. Applying his technical skills to the center stage rail, Vianna finessed a Half Cab blunt to backside noseblunt slide to impress the crowd and judges.


Cariuma Concrete Jam: Monster Army’s Jake Yanko Takes First Place, Tom Schaar Claims Second, and Trey Wood Third Place

In the Cariuma Concrete Jam on Saturday night, the wild crowd at SPoT was treated to some of the world’s best bowl skateboarding in a heated session. Fireworks and pyrotechnics did their share to stoke the flames – and so did the next-level skating! When the dust settled, Monster Energy riders swept the entire podium.

Emerging from the wild progression session in first place, Monster Army rider Jake Yanko had the tricks and lines to rise above the rest. Standouts included Indy air off the extension, backside one-foot ollie over the doorway channel, backside ollie to tail pop in revert on the tabletop extension, Madonna to disaster, and backside 5-0 grind over the box corner for the win.

Also climbing into the top three, Tom Schaar claimed second place with larger-than-life tricks including, frontside blunt and kickflip nose stall fakie on the tabletop extension, and frontside nosegrind over the doorway channel.

Rounding out the team’s podium sweep, Trey Wood ended up taking third place with tricks including frontside Smith stall on the tabletop extension, and huge frontside nosebone airs off the deep end.