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Published On: 10/3/2018

Watch Eli Tomac completely obliterate His Outdoor Motocross Track on his 2005 Factory KX 250 in #TwoMac!

Watch Eli Tomac completely obliterate His Outdoor Motocross Track on his 2005 Factory KX 250 in #TwoMac! So just what is the difference between a two-stroke motocross engine and a four-stroke engine? The most resolute difference is the high revving sound of the two-stroke engine itself.

Here’s how the technical dudes explain it:
The main difference between the two-stroke and four-stroke engine is that the two-stroke engine has only two cycles; as compared to the four-stroke, which has four.

The two cycles in the two-stroke engine are, intake/compression and power/exhaust stroke. In other words, the four-stroke engine utilizes significantly more moving parts in its makeup, yet makes much more power, torque, and pulling power. Long the domain of the two-stroke, the four-stroke bikes began taking over big-time world-class motocross and supercross in 1997 when Monster Energy’s Doug Henry became the first rider to ever win a supercross on a four-stroke-powered race bike. Got all that?

We recently sat down with Eli to talk about 2018 MXoN and he had a few things to say about this KX 250.

Hey, I know you rode a KX250 two-stroke earlier this week. How was that?!

Laughter Gosh, when you jump on one of those… Maybe it’s because we don’t ride them anymore, but it’s so much fun. It was so much fun to just let that thing eat.


I’d assume the power characteristics of the 250 two-stroke compared to you 450 four-stroke are radically different to a rider at your level. True?

It’s way different. You have to ride them a lot higher up in the powerband, where with the 450 you have all that torque. The 250, you have to keep that thing singing up high; you have to keep her going.


Hypothetically, how would you do at a 450cc National if you lined up on that bike?

You know riding that thing the other day, if you could get it off the start and you were on the right track conditions, it could be competitive. But on the wrong track conditions and if you had to get off the start, you’d get worked. That’s where the four-stroke is different.

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