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Team EnVyUs at 2015 ESLOne In Cologne, Germany

1v1 with kennyS from Team EnVyUs

Jul 222016


About a year ago, the French Shuffle took place: Shox and SmithZz went to Titan, and you and aPEX joined Team EnVyUs. How much have you grown as a professional CS:GO player since then?

When we all first joined Team EnVyUs and started to win, it was great because you immediately start to grow when you start winning. nV is a huge organization and we’ve gotten to play quite a bit. We mostly feel that we’ve earned it so it’s pretty special for us as a team. We’ve grown quite a bit in these two years as organization.

Due to recent the team’s poor tournament placements, we've noticed that you guys have switched your In-Game Leaders often. Can you speak more about that?

It’s been something that has been broken for quite a while, so we’ve been able to try many things to fix the problem. Some issues area too deep and changing the in-game leader basically allowed us to have freedom in the game. When you work like that it gives everyone more confidence and I think that showed during ELEAGUE. Right now it’s a major though and I don’t think the problem currently was entirely in-game. It was mainly pressure and we know we can handle it. We’ve shown we can do it.

Can we expect any changes to the current roster? 

No, I don’t think so. I don’t think so. We still have some tournaments coming up like ELEAGUE which is really important for us so we’re going to just stay focused on the next event.

If you could change anything about Competitive, what would it be and why?

I miss Inferno and I hope we get to see it again; it’s my favorite map. Other than that I don’t think anything should change, I think Valve is doing a great job and making a lot of updates when needed. If something is broken it’s probably going to be fixed soon and when that happens we just need to quickly adjust and adapt to the new patch. 

You are arguably the game’s best AWPer and a fan favorite everywhere you go. Do you have any advice for players trying to make it as a pro?

If you want to be a professional you need to work at it. You need to try out and never give up. Play, play, play, play, and play a lot. With eSports there is always a bit of luck, I think. It’s kind of hard to get into the scene because while you should always be playing and improving you also need to learn how to have a handle on things. After a bad match, you always get so much hate. On new teams, you’ll always get criticism and you have to adapt and work on dealing with that. Overall I would say be smart and play a lot.

Do you have anything to say to all of the Team EnVyUs fans out there?

Thank you very much. It’s very very hard for us when we have a disappointing tournament like that and the fans are always here to cheer us up and they do it pretty good. Thank you very much. It’s very hard for us when we have a disappointing tournament like this (ESL One, Cologne) and the fans are always here to cheer us up and they do a very good job at it.