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Images of Phil Casabon taken in Minneapolis, MN

Skiing Athlete

Phil Casabon

Canada Canada


Only a select few freeskiers keep it street like Phil Casabon. The Quebec native blends natural snow sports talent with a skateboarder’s eye for spots and transfers. He grew up inspired by the likes of Tanner Hall and Dave Crichton but has since emerged as one of the ringleaders of urban freeski’s progression. Phil tears through rails, gaps, walls, kickers, pole jams, and double sets with equally burly and stylish tech moves. Whenever B-Dog drops the latest video in a legacy so far including ‘En Particulier’ and ‘Nuance’, the entire scene tunes in, knowing that the bar’s been raised. In his young career, the Vallée du Parc local has won more than a dozen contest podiums and awards for ‘Best Style’ and ‘Best Video Part’, as well as two ‘Skier of the Year’ honors from Freeskier Magazine. Known for his legendary ‘B&E’ video edits with Monster Energy teammate Henrik Harlaut (aka E-Dollo), Phil has also claimed back-to-back X Games Real Ski wins in 2018 and 2019. The secret? Behind the free-flowing, hip-hop inspired style lies a dedicated work ethic and drive for constantly pushing the boundaries, even if it means taking a heavy slam. Watch out for Phil’s next full-length video part to arrive – and be prepared to have your mind blown!