Greenhorn ft. Judd Henkes

Published On: 12/13/2023

In the vast realm of extreme sports, the convergence of surfing and snowboarding takes a daring turn with Judd Henkes and GimbalGod's inaugural film venture, "Greenhorn."

Greenhorn | Judd Henkes & GimbalGod

Judd Henkes, Professional Snowboarder – UNLEASHED Podcast E326

In the vast realm of extreme sports, the convergence of surfing and snowboarding takes a daring turn with Judd Henkes and GimbalGod's inaugural film venture, "Greenhorn." What initially commenced as a simple "Welcome to the Team" video transformed into an enthralling 18-month odyssey, spanning the globe in pursuit of the most extraordinary feats on both waves and slopes.


The cinematic journey kicks off in the exotic landscapes of Indonesia, where the duo set the stage for the unprecedented fusion of surfing and snowboarding. Against the backdrop of pristine beaches and azure waters, Judd Henkes and GimbalGod envisioned a project that would not merely capture the essence of their respective sports but would seamlessly weave them together into a visual symphony of adrenaline and awe.


From the equatorial warmth of Indonesia, the duo embarked on a global expedition, crisscrossing continents and chasing the perfect wave-snow tandem. Their quest led them to the rugged coastlines of Chile, where the surf breaks are as untamed as the towering Andes that beckon snowboarders. The juxtaposition of these diverse terrains became the canvas upon which "Greenhorn" would paint its breathtaking narrative.

New Zealand unfolded as a chapter of sheer visual poetry, as the film captured the surreal beauty of snow-capped peaks meeting the turbulent embrace of the Tasman Sea. Ireland's wild Atlantic coastline provided a picturesque backdrop for the film's narrative arc, underscoring the audacity of attempting such a harmonious marriage of surf and snow on the Emerald Isle.


Venturing into the Arctic expanse of Norway, "Greenhorn" challenged the boundaries of extreme sports cinematography. The juxtaposition of the ethereal Northern Lights against the raw power of Arctic surf breaks and snow-laden fjords created a sensory spectacle that defined the film's ambition.


Canada, renowned for its expansive landscapes and formidable mountains, became another canvas for Henkes and GimbalGod to paint their masterpiece. From the wave-lashed shores of the Pacific to the powdery expanses of the Rockies, the film began to crystallize as a testament to the audacity of pushing boundaries.


The climax of their odyssey unfolded in the rugged wilderness of Alaska, where the untamed forces of nature served as both backdrop and adversary. Alaska's formidable peaks and challenging weather conditions pushed the athletes to their limits, capturing the essence of the uncharted territory explored in "Greenhorn."


"Greenhorn" is not merely a film; it's a testament to the audacious spirit of exploration and the unyielding pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what is deemed possible in extreme sports cinematography. Judd Henkes, in taking his first leap into the realm of film projects, and GimbalGod, navigating the intricate role of producer and director, have birthed a visual narrative that transcends the conventional boundaries of surf and snowboarding.


As the first chapter in their cinematic journey draws to a close, "Greenhorn" leaves an indelible mark on the landscape of extreme sports filmmaking. It is a celebration of unbridled passion, unwavering commitment, and the relentless pursuit of pushing the envelope in the world where surf meets snow. This 18-month odyssey is more than a film; it's a declaration that the intersection of waves and slopes is an unexplored frontier, waiting for the next audacious visionary to carve their mark.

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